The Master in 70mm

Deutsch: Filmteller für 70mm-Film in einem IMA...

70mm film in an IMAX theatre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The number of movies shot on film is decreasing rapidly, and 70mm film has become a rarity altogether. Not only has Paul Thomas Anderson shot his new feature, The Master, on the incredible format, audiences will have the chance to see 70mm print projections. Admittedly, only a select few cinemas around the world will be able to present the 70mm prints, but it is still quite remarkable that a film in 2012 can actually be shot and presented on film, let alone 70mm. Perhaps Nolan’s recent use of IMAX and traditional 70mm formats has lead distributors to reevaluate the value of film. It seems it is already starting to achieve a vinyl-like prestige, but in this case, 70mm prints of The Master will be roughly two to four times more detailed than 4K and 2K presentations respectively.

A 70mm print will be shown in December by The Astor Theatre in Melbourne, tickets already on sale on their website. No doubt other cinemas around the world will be projecting 70mm prints too, but there are very few places left with the availability to do so. Consider yourself very lucky if you get to see it the way Paul Thomas Anderson intended.


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