Paul Thomas Anderson Q&A at the Melbourne premiere of ‘The Master’ sold out

English: Director Paul Thomas Anderson in New ...

Director Paul Thomas Anderson in New York on december 10, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) CC SA

In an earlier post, I mentioned that the 70mm print of Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film, The Master, would be coming to Melbourne to be projected at The Astor Theatre, one of only two public cinemas in Australia capable of projecting 70mm film. If that wasn’t exciting enough, The Astor Theatre recently announced that Paul Thomas Anderson would be appearing at the Melbourne premiere on the 25th of October for a Q&A after the screening that evening.

‘This is how PT Anderson intended his film to be seen and we couldn’t be happier to oblige.’

— The Astor Theatre

Unfortunately, tickets have already sold out according to the bookings page, so if you are reading this now you might be slightly disappointed. I bought mine almost as soon as the Astor announced it on their Facebook page, so I’ll make sure to write something about the Q&A (especially since I’m sure there will be some media released afterwards for those who couldn’t make it), and maybe review the film as well. This blog could use a few reviews here and there.

The 70mm print will be screening again at the theatre in December, for one week. Unfortunately, chances are Paul Thomas Anderson won’t be present, but if you live in Melbourne, or anywhere in the world with a cinema capable of showing the 70mm print, it is certainly worth seeing. Film prints are becoming rarer and rarer, and 70mm film is virtually non-existant these days. It’s a rare sight, and one which shouldn’t be missed.





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