Film-TV ‘Lenny’ ex 1

Our first ‘Lenny’ exercise for Film-TV involved cutting a short excerpt together based on a marked up script. I hadn’t actually edited something using a markup, and I found it to be a really pleasant experience. Knowing which shots were there was extremely helpful.

It was still a matter of reviewing all the footage, some of which was unusable, namely the boom mic showing up in frame. After that, I placed rough I/O points using the viewer and fine tuned the points on the timeline when I cut between shots, which seemed the best way to cut on motion. The only other step was adding J and L cuts to make sure the audio cut smoothly. Editing in the suites meant organising everything correctly, as the chance of saving files in the wrong place is extremely easy on a shared server.

In short, editing with a marked up script is unquestionably awesome for rapid-fire Hollywood continuity editing. So much respect for continuity people now.


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