Preproduction for Film-TV 1 film

Preproduction for our short film for Film-TV 1 is going really well. My group consists of Ronja, Alexandra, Amy, and of course myself. The film is based on Alexandra’s story outline. We’re all very excited to be working on this because the majority of screen time involves just two actors, and the entirety of the film takes place in one room, in real time, which suits our five minute running length constraint.

As the DP, I am also very happy to have such a controlled location. Lighting adjustments should be minimal throughout, although in our tech block I would make sure to come up with a set-up that doesn’t need to be changed. Not only does this make the shoot so much faster, but it will make maintaining continuity so much easier. In addition to this, limiting natural light as much as possible will be necessary, as the shoot is constrained to one day, and the direction and quality of light will change constantly.

We’re all very happy with the script, and seem to be on the same wavelength during our discussions, so everything is going very smoothly so far.


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