Korsakow film

My first project on Korsakow was an interesting experience. Initially, I believed I had to actively find a way to link and organise the countless video clips I was using. However, eventually I realised that Korsakow is essentially designed to hand control over to the viewer – an archaic term in this case, more accurately replaced by ‘user.’ Users are dictate the order and timing of the clips, so attempting to create concrete links on the part of the author is essentially fruitless. Of course, keywords link up certain clips and text helps add context, but each interaction with the project is so different that the best experience requires the author to hand over control to the user. Many people have made comparisons to poetry and music, but I would go further. It’s as if the user gets your audio-visual-hyper-poem and cuts it up and rearranges it themselves. This isn’t a conscious decision, but rather the only way to advance. It’s difficult to know how much control is shared between the author, user, and the software itself.

For my piece, I essentially let go of most of the control and focused on starting off with a particular mindset, in this case achieved by the “YOU ARE” clip. Using adjectives and verbs as text on my other clips, I felt this was a great way to give the user much of the control, but within an interesting context.

My sketch videos were varied in approach, style, and the amount of effort put in to them, but while I hate many on their own, the connections they build in juxtaposition, along with the text, are actually quite interesting. Restarting it and choosing a different path was also satisfying and surprising, discovering new connections.

I decided to use a large, clear, capitalised typeface, including spaces between letters to better fill the screen and add to the sense of scale. I felt they were important elements of context, and wanted them to be direct and engaging. Furthermore, I decided to use verbs and adjectives to produce a rippling, constant, run-on sentence – all to create a sense of flow and connectedness throughout the piece. Each individual word is linked to its clip, in literal and abstract ways.

I am happy with most of my clips, but certainly some more than others. Most were shot on a DSLR, which was a simple process of dragging clips off the card and trimming or editing them. My phone was both simpler and more complicated. The clips which were shot on my phone were automatically uploaded by my Dropbox app and placed inside the camera capture folder, appearing on my computer in after a few minutes. I quickly realised that trimming videos was much easier than bringing them into editing software, although it was necessary for adding sound effects and music.

Ultimately, I think the project is successful, as a simple project. I didn’t want to complicate things too much, and preferred the sparseness and focus the defaulkt black background offered. I feel I understand some of the appeal of interactive media now, even if I often find it gimmicky, and think it’s a great way for people to explore someone else’s work.


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