Film-TV ‘Lenny’ ex 2

Our second ‘Lenny’ exercise was nothing short of intense. We had four shots and four takes to shoot another script excerpt – all in around half an hour.

Personally, I like improvisation in all fields, especially when you have no idea what you’re doing. However, it still proved nothing short of a challenge. We took Paul’s advice and shot on on the staircase. It was cramped and there were people walking through occasionally, but the shots were so much more interesting. We achieved some interesting compositional lines with the railing, stairs and brickwork. Shooting on a short focal length only emphasised the effect.

Ultimately, it was a good exercise to see what we could achieve with the minimum amount of preparation and actual production time. Working with the camera and audio set-up we will be using on out short film also means we’re becoming more comfortable with the equipment.


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