Film-TV ‘Lenny’ ex 3

Our third ‘Lenny’ exercise involved a lot more preproduction than our last one. We prepared a storyboard, floor plan, and shot list. It was certainly more organised, and everyone was very comfortable in their roles, working quickly and efficiently, but with less than an hour and around ten shots, the pace was still frantic.

When time began to run out, the shot schedule and storyboard became very useful, allowing us to decide to cut two shots which weren’t vital. Knowing what must stay and what can go is invaluable information. At the same time, we always took longer than we had estimated we would, but that’s to be expected.

The importance of the first AD became very clear in this shoot, the added layer of complexity meaning everyone had to be reminded of time. The director and DP have to constantly be working on blocking and framing with reference to the storyboard and shot list, and again, the AD facilitates that process so much more. It’s comforting knowing that there is only one person you need to go to when you need information or have request, allowing everyone else to focus on their own specific role.


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