We’re into post-production on Confessions. Having all the shots logged has been a good help, although the changes we made, and the shots we had to cut have resulted in a slightly different approach. My storyboard was more suited to a bouncier, snappier edit, but the footage we have doesn’t fit that style as well. I suppose that’s what happens when you cut a whole hour of extra coverage you want. Luckily, we finished on time, and scheduling all that extra coverage into a separate block made it incredibly simple to cut.

Apart from that, the cut is looking good, and Ronja has done a great job assembling and rough cutting it. I’ll be assisting with the fine cutting and grading.

The lectures on editing have proven to be very useful in helping us organise the footage, labelling every clip and creating bins, as well as properly setting scratch disks on the server.


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