MI2 Week 3

This week we defined some of our roles and began to brainstorm the types of guests we wanted. I was given the responsibility of coordinating guests and contacting them along with a couple of others, as it was proving a bit messy when everyone attempted to contact someone – the fear was we might have to turn people away after having asked them to commit to a seminar, which was a situation we wanted to avoid. The compromise we reached was simply keeping track of guest options and using a waiting list system to go through our options, especially when guests represented similar fields. We also considered including a guest from global careers in our seminar, as they might have information and advice regarding the logistics of moving overseas including visas and financing, as well as internships and other career opportunities. A big focus was how to be ‘wanted’ overseas. We also discussed a rather extreme theme idea of supervillains, but felt this theme might be too much of caricature to work.


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