MI2 Week 4

This week we further formalised our plans by putting together some guidelines for contacting guests:

– Free Public Lecture on ‘Working in a Global Media Industry’ at RMIT University targeted at new media grads.

– Date/Time: Friday 26th September, 11.30-1pm

– Q&A Panel Discussion / no need to prepare

– Morning tea / snacks provided


Sticking with that theme we also started collating a list of guests we would be able to realistically contact, as well as putting together an email template.

FInally, we focused our aims into a clear series of points:

– How hard is it to get a media internship overseas? How does that work?

– What personal qualities/attributes are essential to working in an overseas media industry, wherever it may be?

– When it comes to sorting out visa issues, is it better to hire a lawyer to help with it?

– Did your status as a foreigner advantage or disadvantage you in any way when it came to looking for work?


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