Seminar One: Non-Fiction

RMIT Media’s Wanted seminars have started off strongly with a documentary themed seminar with great guests and insights, as well as some surprisingly good trail mix.

The panel was a formidable bunch of pleasantly diverse documentary filmmakers, with John Hughes, Terry Cantwell, Maya Gnyp, and Genevieve Bailey in attendance.

While the first seminar in the series, and with almost no time to organise it, things went surprisingly well. With four guests, the discussions were interesting and allowed for the sharing of many perspectives on the medium and industry, as well as personal anecdotes.

Out of the five criteria we agreed upon as a group, I marked the documentary group as follows:

  1. Content was relevant and informative: HD
    This is undoubtedly the most important criterium we can use to assess the seminars – the actual information – and the diverse ranges of experience and types of filmmakers proved to offer up incredibly interesting insights.
  2. Approach was coherent and engaging: D
    The approach was clear and there were no issues with coherency, but in terms of being engaging, the seminar didn’t really offer a structure that allowed for a better flow of information and interaction.
  3. Theme was executed with originality and style: C
    The theme, perhaps in highbrow documentary fashion, was quite timid and serious, going for bare minimalism, and a straightforward structure. While certainly suited to the medium, it didn’t really represent an original or stylish approach. That said, with so little time to put together the seminar, this is completely understandable.
  4. Staging was professional: D
    The staging and lighting was more than satisfactory, however the stools, while quite high, were still too low without a stage to see all the guests properly.
  5. Promotion was varied and timely: HD
    The promotion was timely and included the use of social media, video, and posters.

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