Seminar Two: Breaking In

Breaking In was a fantastic follow-up to the Non-Fiction seminar last week, with a great lineup of guests, but also a great concept, structure, and excellent promotion (the food was pretty great too).

The TV seminar group clearly learned a lot from the documentary crew, improving on many aspects, and most importantly, coming up with an original and engaging presentation of the seminar.

Out of the five criteria we agreed upon as a group, I marked the documentary group as follows:

  1. Content was relevant and informative: HD
    The content was relevant and informative, and Conor Woods did a great job keeping the discussion flowing. However, at times the ‘gameshow’ took over the information itself, and instead of relevant discussion, guests were instead guessing who-am-I’s, and yet, it can’t be denied this structure proved to make the guests feel more comfortable.
  2. Approach was coherent and engaging: HD
    A really high standard to follow, this seminar group put a huge amount of effort into making the structure of their seminar clear, engaging, and most importantly, get the most out of the guests while ensuring everyone present had a lot of fun.
  3. Theme was executed with originality and style: HD
    The theme showed up in every facet of the seminar, from promotion, to snacks (ice candy was a nice touch, despite acting like the strongest glue when chewed), to the costumes, to the structure of the seminar itself. It was a great example of a strong idea utilised to its fullest.
  4. Staging was professional: D
    The staging was fine apart from one major problem. As with the documentary seminar, the guests were difficult to see at times. Without a stage set up, and with low chairs for them to sit in, I was unable to see all the guests, and the ones I could see I saw between people’s heads. There were some audio feedback issues as well, although the lapel mics solved some of the other mic issues present in the previous seminar. Otherwise, creative and stylishly designed, and great touches like Conor entering by climbing through a ‘window’ made it especially notable.
  5. Promotion was varied and timely: HD
    Promotion was excellent, with bold posters everywhere and good use of social media. The best element was undoubtedly the promo video, with it’s intentionally (I hope) B grade and slightly Mighty Booshy aesthetics, and atrocious acting (with some great accents and cheesy one liners), it was always going to impress.

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