Seminar Three: Femme fatale

An interesting perspective this week, focusing on women in the media. A great trio of guests in different fields and of different generations revealed a great deal about the inequality women face in the media, but also what they did to get where they were regardless.

While not as bombastic as the TV seminar, the elegant theme and clear structure resulted in an engaging and thought-provoking seminar.

Out of the five criteria we agreed upon as a group, I marked the documentary group as follows:

  1. Content was relevant and informative: HD
    This seminar covered all areas it needed to in order to tackle an issue as large as gender inequality and the male-dominated media landscape.
  2. Approach was coherent and engaging: HD
    Using a clear structure to spark discussion on various key areas, and selecting guests who could speak from unique perspectives and different media, resulted in a coherent, engaging, but most importantly, thoughtful seminar.
  3. Theme was executed with originality and style: D
    The theme was elegant and consistent, but it did not permeate into the seminar itself so much, beyond an aesthetic presence. Because of the subject matter however, this subtlety is necessary, as nothing could detract from the discussions taking place.
  4. Staging was professional: HD
    The staging was very good this time around, with the guests more visible thanks to an actual stage which had been brought in. Lighting was fine but there were some issues with microphones.
  5. Promotion was varied and timely: HD
    Promotion was great, as was the case with the other seminars, including social media and great posters, along with a great promo, all with a theme which carried through consistently

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