Seminar Six: On the Line

The final media industries seminar certainly pulled out all the stops when it came to staging. Inspired by The Matrix and the neon glow of classics such as Tron, green lights and glow sticks were in abundance.

With guests from diverse fields, the discussions were insightful and to the point, covering areas which are still emerging and growing.

Out of the five criteria we agreed upon as a group, I marked the documentary group as follows:

  1. Content was relevant and informative: HD
    Within the online space, almost all content is relevant, with such multifarious platforms and media available, but the content in this seminar was especially so, detailing practical aspects of the online world, from promotion of traditional media forms, monetisation, and the growth of web content, all with excellent insights from practitioners.
  2. Approach was coherent and engaging: HD
    While not straying very far beyond what previous seminars, the structure was clear and well thought out, and interactive elements such as the glow sticks certainly made it more engaging.
  3. Theme was executed with originality and style: HD
    With great art design and lighting, the team really pulled off a great atmosphere, with all promotional content tying back in and great touches such as glow sticks for the Q&A, as well as all the team wearing black to tie in with the overall theme.
  4. Staging was professional: HD
    The use of the stage made the guests easier to see, and the lighting and decorations really helped set the mood and theme.
  5. Promotion was varied and timely: HD
    Promotion for this seminar was great, with an excellent and rather strange promo video, and great poster design. The animated poster on the screen in building 9 was especially notable, grabbing everyone’s attention as soon as they walked through the door with its simple but effective approach.

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