Kevin Spacey urges TV channels to give control to viewers

While it’s hard to disagree with anything Kevin Spacey says in any situation, I have to say, he’s just right. Makes me think differently about the death of content being tied to or defined by a delivery medium – The technical differences and contexts are being ignored by most audiences, happy to watch a show or movie on their laptop or tablet instead of the cinema or their television. Specialist delivery mediums such as theatres might dwindle, but the moving image is more alive than ever, in an age where content isn’t defined by the size or location of the screen, and that makes me feel a whole lot better about it.


Upstream Color

Seeing Upstream Color, written and directed by and co-starring Shane Carruth, at the Melbourne International Film Festival was a welcomingly refreshing experience. It’s a fantastic follow-up to Carruth’s Primer, which I consider more incomprehensible than Upstream Color, despite the realistic approach.  As is the case with Primer, Upstream Color is quite challenging, and the abstract connections in the film make it even more so. Amy Seimetz and Shane Carruth pull of great performances as the lost and confused Kris and Jeff, and Carruth’s score is immersive and hypnotic – in fact the whole film has that magnetic quality to it.

Of course, as with Primer, multiple watchings and turning your brain cells to overdrive are probably necessary to fully understand the dream-like strangeness of it all – but then, that’s sort of the point. And if you need answers now, they are already waiting:

FAQ: Upstream Color – by Forrest Wickman

How Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color Explains Your Dysfunctional Relationships by Charlie Jane Anders.

The Sound and Music of The Dark Knight Rises

A short documentary featurette on the people and ideas behind the sound of The Dark Knight Rises. Some great insights from Composer Hans Zimmer and Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer Richard King. The breakdown of the sound effects for The Bat is especially interesting, as well as the experimentation with Bane’s voice.

Steven Soderbergh on the State of Cinema

Steven Soderbergh addressed the San Francisco International Film Festival regarding the State of Cinema approximately one week ago. Audio of the event was then leaked, gaining widespread attention, and the San Francisco Film Society released the video ‘due to unprecedented demand’ soon after. So why all the fuss? Finally, a big name, Hollywood director, who has worked

Michel Gondry’s ‘L’écume des jours’ (‘Mood Indigo’) – trailer

I watched the first few seconds of this and stopped instantly. I am already much too excited for this film, to the point where I can’t read or watch anything about it anymore. Personally, after Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and La science des rêves (The Science of Sleep), I think my reaction is completely justified.

Iran vs. Hollywood?

Iran is planning to sue the studio behind Argo for misrepresenting the country in the Oscar-winning film. Earlier complaints from Iran have also centred around 300 and The Wrestler. Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, a controversial lawyer engaged to Ilich Ramírez Sánchez (a.k.a Carlos the Jackal), is reportedly representing the Iranian government. The details don’t seem to be completely clear for the time being,