‘Confessions’ – Film-TV 1

Starring Jeremy Kewley and James Farrier
Also featuring Anthony Lavars

Written and Produced by Alexandra Roach
Directed by Amy Bryans
Cinematography by Simon Gilberg
Sound by Ronja Moss

Our Film-TV 1 film is finally complete (some extra cutting would be great but with what appears to be a corrupted sequence in final cut, I’m in no rush to get in and attempt to salvage and rebuild the film just yet). Seeing it on the big screen along with the other films was great, offering the opportunity to gauge the audience’s response.

It was interesting project to work on, being so seemingly simple, but of course, there was certainly a lot of streamlining and careful planning involved in shooting something in one day. Having one location we could control made the shoot much easier.


You’ve been servered

Working in the editing suites requires working with the server. Unfortunately, it seems we’ve managed to literally undo our good work, opening our project up to reveal it had reverted to an older cut, along with the backup. It means our rough cut is rougher than we would like, having to put it back together


We’re into post-production on Confessions. Having all the shots logged has been a good help, although the changes we made, and the shots we had to cut have resulted in a slightly different approach. My storyboard was more suited to a bouncier, snappier edit, but the footage we have doesn’t fit that style as well.

Film-TV 1 – the shoots

‘Super-grouping’ over the weekend, I DP’d both Confessions and and The Other Half. Sharing people and equipment across two productions works really well. Confessions: We weren’t able to record when we checked equipment the night before. Then we saw the CF card with ‘FAULTY’ written in large yellow writing on the front. So we panicked

The Sound and Music of The Dark Knight Rises

A short documentary featurette on the people and ideas behind the sound of The Dark Knight Rises. Some great insights from Composer Hans Zimmer and Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer Richard King. The breakdown of the sound effects for The Bat is especially interesting, as well as the experimentation with Bane’s voice.

Steven Soderbergh on the State of Cinema

Steven Soderbergh addressed the San Francisco International Film Festival regarding the State of Cinema approximately one week ago. Audio of the event was then leaked, gaining widespread attention, and the San Francisco Film Society released the video ‘due to unprecedented demand’ soon after. So why all the fuss? Finally, a big name, Hollywood director, who has worked

Cinematography and Postproduction

While discussing cinematography in Film-TV 1, I started to wonder wether cinematography ended after the production stage. After all, the cinematographer will often work with the colourist to create the desired look, which is technically post-production. Then comes visual effects work, which means post-production artists might end up having a larger impact on the production

Film-TV ‘Lenny’ ex 3

Our third ‘Lenny’ exercise involved a lot more preproduction than our last one. We prepared a storyboard, floor plan, and shot list. It was certainly more organised, and everyone was very comfortable in their roles, working quickly and efficiently, but with less than an hour and around ten shots, the pace was still frantic. When

Film-TV ‘Lenny’ ex 2

Our second ‘Lenny’ exercise was nothing short of intense. We had four shots and four takes to shoot another script excerpt – all in around half an hour. Personally, I like improvisation in all fields, especially when you have no idea what you’re doing. However, it still proved nothing short of a challenge. We took