‘Confessions’ – Film-TV 1

Starring Jeremy Kewley and James Farrier
Also featuring Anthony Lavars

Written and Produced by Alexandra Roach
Directed by Amy Bryans
Cinematography by Simon Gilberg
Sound by Ronja Moss

Our Film-TV 1 film is finally complete (some extra cutting would be great but with what appears to be a corrupted sequence in final cut, I’m in no rush to get in and attempt to salvage and rebuild the film just yet). Seeing it on the big screen along with the other films was great, offering the opportunity to gauge the audience’s response.

It was interesting project to work on, being so seemingly simple, but of course, there was certainly a lot of streamlining and careful planning involved in shooting something in one day. Having one location we could control made the shoot much easier.

Good Taste, Bad Taste, Our Taste, No Taste

‘Bad taste creates many more millionaires than good taste.’ — Hollywood by Charles Bukowski (pg. 94) While discussing story ideas and concepts in our Film-TV tutes at uni, I’ve found one thing that came up a lot was the tastes of our tutors, and what types of films would be received well by them. Something I think